In an ongoing effort to improve the Agency’s overall cyber security position and protect the Agency’s data and IT Systems, the IT Department has strengthened the Office 365 Email Spam filters which may cause some legitimate Emails to be blocked.  You may receive an Office 365 Quarantine Email notice from with the subject line: Spam Notification.  (Please see the example illustration below.)  This is a legitimate Office 365 Email notice to you stating that certain Email(s) have been blocked and quarantined as possible Spam that were sent to your Email address.  You can review the Emails and if any of the Emails are legitimate, you have the option to release the Email(s) from quarantine to be sent to you inbox.  Simply select the Release to Inbox link at the end of the legitimate Email.  Do not release any Emails that you are not absolutely sure are legitimate.  Please feel free to Email the ITHelpDesk if you need additional information or clarification concerning the Office 365 Quarantine notifications.